Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blue Fisherman's cap

Blue Fisherman's Cap Tutorial :o

I used a random blue yarn (sorry for the random yarn-ness, but it was about as thick as Red Heart if that helps :-\ )

Knit in the round, 13g.

Cast on 64 stitches.

Double Stockinette as long as you want the brim.

Then continue to simply knit untill you have it as "tall" as you want.

Bind off.

After binding off I scrunched it into 8 even points (see photo) and simply stitch through the center in a big circle. You dont have to seal the loops, I left them open, but you can.

Good luck with my crummy tutorial!

Arm Warmers

The Rainbow Warmers Tutorial!

The yarn i used was Red Heart Rainbow Sport, and some random purple yarn my Aunt gave me (sorry about the non specifics in the tutorial :-\ )

Pretty much, start out by casing on as long (as in up and down your arm) as you want it. I cast on somewhere around 50 stitches. Use the rainbow first.

Then do three rows of knit, one purl, three knit, one purl, etc. until you've finished half of the glove. Then switch colors at the end of the row and simply knit until the glove is wide enough to wrap around your whole hand. Then bind off.

After binding off, simply stitch the sides together. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RAINBOW ON THE UPSIDE OF YOUR GLOVE!) <-- I made this mistake several times and had to re-stitch.

Any problems with this tutorial (I'm sure there are many) just let me know, and I'll try to fix them ASAP. :hearts and loves:

First two hats tutorials

My First Hat The bee was added a few days later.
Second Hat

Size 13 in-the-round needles. Rowan Yarn.

Easy as pie.

Cast on 80 stitches. Knit in the round till its about 7 inches.

NEXT ROW: Knit 2. Knit 2 together.

NEXT ROW: Then Knit 2. Knit 2 together.

NEXT FEW ROWS: Knit 2 together, till you only have 5 left.

Then I threaded the excess throught he 5 loops and tied it off.

What can I say? Im a lame beginner XD

. The Bee:

Just frestyle. I had no idea what i was doing.

First i made an oval for the bee.
Then the wings.
Then the stripes and antenne.


Check it out. Total accident that it spiraled, but I really like it! Next time i'll make it longer though. Okay okay tutorial now!
All i needed was:Size 7 needle (i use circular because its more comfy)and Lion Brand Micro Spun Yarn (it makes it really soft XD)

Cast on however many stitches it takes to make the scarf the length it will be in the end.
Stitch back across one time.
K1 F&B all the way down.
Then knit knit knit knit (stockinette)
when you have it as wide as you like, K2tog all the way across
knit across once
Bind off
It should curl naturally, I didnt stitch the edges together, but you can if you'd like XD

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Short Lived Joy

I finished the blanket today. Yes I was excited, but it was temporary...

I found out today at school, that one of the students in my special ed class passed away yesterday afternoon. I broke down. I screamed. I cried. I got on my knees by the phone and sobbed. I loved her. Devin was a great kid. I'll never forget her...

Rest in loving peace my sweet Devin... <3

Monday, May 09, 2005

On April 24th...

This is what the blanket looked like after three days of knitting. I wish i had more of a time line for it but i only took these pix of it. I'll have the finished product soon XD

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Blanket update

Its all down to 10 more rows on the end. Then fringe. I'm so excited.

BUT! Who would have thought that I would run out of yarn with 10 ROWS LEFT!!!! *grunt* I'mb uyin' the yarn down by the after I get my prom dress altered today XD

Judging by how my old pants hang (from before I lost 20lbs) Im guessing the dress will be pretty damned loose.

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who's the blogger now, eh?

Hey there, new blog. It may be a knitblog, it may be something entirely different. I guess we shall just see. I already have a livejournal, so everyday things may show up there rather than here. Maybe this will be my poetry. Who knows.